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Hello and welcome to MultiLoom! This is a little loom in one file.

Press '?' at any time to open a help menu.

Click anywhere to create your first node. Tab to exit the editor.
Add your api keys in the model configs menu 'm', and press 'r' to generate!
Happy looming!

Double click on nodes to see and edit the full text.
Click on nodes to check them out for generation.

Navigate with wasd.


Display Settings

Background Color

Tree Layout Settings


Key Shortcuts

  • tab: Open/close the editor
  • m: Open the model configs
  • r: Generate new output
  • p: Open settings
  • Escape: Close the editor and discard changes
  • w: Navigate to parent
  • a: Navigate to left sibling
  • d: Navigate to right sibling
  • s: Navigate to last read child
  • W: Increase the max tokens
  • S: Decrease the max tokens
  • D: Increase the temperature
  • A: Decrease the temperature
  • Space: Toggle visibility of selected node (you need to right click to unhide)
  • Enter: Toggle bookmark of selected node
  • Delete: Delete selected node (and all children!)

Mouse Options

Left click to select a node. This will update the editor if it is open. Double click to open the editor on a node. Right click on a node for hide, bookmark or delete. These can also be done with keyboard shortcuts. Right click on the editor to close it.